Friday, June 15, 2012

06/15 - Lawrence Donegan

06/15 - Lawrence Donegan, golf writer and close friend to Murph and Mac, joins the morning show to discuss the US Open

06/15 - Jack Fleck

06/15 - Golfing legend Jack Fleck rounds off a golf-centric day for the morning show at the Olympic Club

06/15- Mark Cannizzaro

06/15 - Mark Cannizzaro, a New York Post sports columnist, sits down with Murph and Mac to discuss Tiger Woods and the US Open

06/15 - Mike Krukow

06/15 - Mike Krukow shares his experience watching Matt Cain's perfecto as a fan and what Cain's performance meant on a grand scale

06/15 - Randy Haag

06/15 - Olympic Club Insider Randy Haag joins the morning show to discuss day one at the US Open

06/15 - Harris Barton

06/15 - Murph and Mac talk with Harris Barton about the US Open, the 49ers, and an upcoming golf tournament

06/15 - Gary Stevenson

06/15 - Pac-12 CEO Gary Stevenson joins Murph and Mac to discuss the recently released Pac-12 Network Football schedule

06/15 - Ric Bucher

06/15 - Ric Bucher joins the morning show to discuss Game 2 of the NBA Finals

Thursday, June 14, 2012

06/14 - Mr. Perfect Matt Cain

06/14 - Matt Cain, owner of the only perfect game in the Giants 130 year franchise history, joins Murph and Mac for an exclusive interview following his perfecto against the Astros

06/14 - Sergio Romo

06/14 - Matt Cain's teammate Sergio Romo brings a player perspective to the perfecto witnessed at AT&T Park

06/14 - Jon Miller

06/14 - Jon Miller joins Murph and Mac to relive Matt Cain's perfecto

06/14 - Duane Kuiper

06/14 - Duane Kuiper joins Murph and Mac to discuss Matt Cain's no hitter and every whacky play/player/person involved

06/14 - Dave Flemming

06/14 - Murph and Mac sit down with the man who made the final call of the Giants first ever perfect game

06/14 - Andrew Baggerly

06/14 - After a late night recapping Matt Cain's perfecto, Andrew Baggerly joins Murph and Mac as the sun begins to rise